Monday, May 21, 2018

Painting of me by @hyeseungs ・・・ It’s true, these memes: all heroes do not wear capes; sometimes they wear Urban Outfitters and carry a micron they call Excalibur. I had quite a wild ride the last two weeks, and @vinganapathy was there for it all, as were a small band of others who mobilized themselves quickly and effectively in the name of action. I call them the Sister-, and Brother-, Hood of the Traveling Good Luck Charms. Thanks to them and a panoply of nice medical professionals, I’m back at the easel today and painting this little ditty, an ode to one of my heroes. #contemporaryrealism #contemporaryfigurativeart #wip #paintingfromlife #allaprima #creativeuprising #contemporaryart #artistsoninstagram

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